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Legacy Donations

Please help us make sure we can always be there for the people who need us.

Every year we need to raise £250,000 to continue our work and maintain the great services we offer.  Leave a lasting jewish legacy and ensure that some of your estate is Gifted to BJCC in your Will.

We will put your gift to very good use.

As we all live longer the need for BJCC will only grow.  So please help the Jewish Community in years to come with a Gift in your Will.

If you would like to find out more, in complete confidence, about including a gift in your Will, please contact Kirsty at

Holiday Celebrations

Fundraising Activities


BJCC run a number of fundraising events throughout the year.  From getting involved to watching a great show, we aim to make fundraising an enjoyable way of bringing the Birmingham Jewish Community together.  Past events:


Summer Garden Party June 2022

The Garden Party was planned, cancelled and rearranged so many times it had become a running joke.  We finally chose 12th June as the date and were determined that no matter what, it would go ahead.  The sun shone, slightly too brightly for some and so many people turned up to see us, it was amazing to welcome everyone back.  The residents loved seeing so many different faces and some saw relatives they'd not seen face to face for over 3 years.  It was a hugely successful day, Chef cooked up a feast and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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