Types of care

Residential Care

Residential care is the type of care that is given to those residents who do not require particular nursing care and do not have any particular nursing needs while still requiring a certain level of care.  

Residential care is provided under the category of Residential, which means a senior carer or team leader would be in charge of this care category.  24 hour care is provided and individuals needs are catered for by experienced and compassionate carers.

Nursing Care

Care is provided under the category of nursing care following a detailed assessment.

For residents assessed as requiring nursing care our fully qualified nurses are on duty 24 hours a day to oversee their medical requirements and care.  

Our nurses are professional, compassionate and friendly, and are available to speak to family when necessary or desired. 

Dementia Care

Dementia care is given to those residents who require that extra care for help with different stages of dementia.  We provide a range of various environments for the different stages of dementia which allow us to care for our residents more appropriately.

Dementia is taken seriously and we offer the best possible care in order to help residents living with dementia lead the most comfortable and healthy life possible.

Respite Care

Respite care is offered by Andrew Cohen House for those who would like to see their loved ones looked after for a certain period of time for some Respite and in order to give family and friends some time to reflect and some time for themselves.

The best possible experience for respite will be provided for however long or short amount of time would be preferred.  Respite is there to provide some much needed care and me time.