The Namaste Care Programme

The Namaste Care is a structured programme that is for people with advanced dementia. It was developed Joyce Simard in the USA and integrates compassionate nursing care with individualised activities for the people with dementia in a group setting. 'Namaste' is an Indian greeting which means 'to honour the spirit within'. The care programme is multi-dimensional, including physical, sensory and emotional elements.

In the UK, there is 'Namaste Care Intervention UK' to implement and study this project throughout different organisations. The Association for Dementia studies at the University of Worcester has undertaken this study, funded by the Alzheimer's Society Implementation Research grants programme.

The selection process at Andrew Cohen House is for residents who are highly effected by their dementia and find it difficult to engage with others and to participate in regular activities. Andrew Cohen House has implemented this programme for a year now and it has since proven highly useful and beneficial to the residents.

Read the full Namaste Care brochure here

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