Community Outreach and Events

BJCC runs a range of activities for residents and the wider community

Lunch Club

BJCC Lunch Club is held at the Audrey and Betty Lynes Centre on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A three course Kosher lunch is served at 12.30 and on Tuesdays there is often a speaker on a topic of interest. Past speakers have come from across the Birmingham community including dignatories such as the Mayor of the West Midlands, Rabbis and clergy from other faiths and friends of BJCC with an interesting story to tell

Singing Group

BJCC runs an inclusive singing group who give regular concerts. Residents of Andrew Cohen house and Silverstone Court both take and it is also open for anyone who is keen to take part. The group is led by by Juliana, a professional musicians who runs the group with great enthusiasm and aplomb. It's held on Wednesdays from 11.00am-12.00pm at at the Audrey and Betty Lynes Centre, before Wednesday's Lunch Club. All are encouraged to join with a entry fee of £2.

Have a listen to our wonderful group!

BJCC holds 'Stirchley Cafe' for people affected by Dementia. We invite support workers from Alzheimer's Society to come and help conduct this activity. The Stirchley Cafe is a time where people with dementia and their family & friends can come, have some refreshments and talk. We provide entertainment during the event in the form of quizzes, speakers, singers, etc. It's free of charge and is held once a month at the Aubrey and Betty Lynes centre. Please contact reception if you would like to come along.

Stirchley Cafe
Art Class

BJCC conducts an Art class at the Silverstone court every Tuesday from 11.00am-12.00pm, before Tuesday's Lunch Club. There is a professional teacher who comes in support the artistic group who create for their own pleasure and their Annual Exhibition.

Film show

BJCC screens films on a monthly basis. The dates change but if you or anyone else is keen on joining, contact our reception on when we will screen our next movie. We screen from latest movies to some oldies.


BJCC organises trips for the residents to enjoy and relax from. BJCC has its own mini bus to take the residents to their required destination. Past trips have included  a picnic at Canon Hill park, a trip to the Monkey Forest, the West Midlands Safari, shopping trips and the pub!

OMI Projector

Last year BJCC invested in an OMI Interative Projector. See OMI's website for more information. This is a wonderful piece of equipment that encourages our residents with Dementia to move and stretch more, whillst engaging their interest and having fun. There are many different themes included in the software and the picture below shows Tom and Chris engrossed in moving clouds in the sky. It is so beneficial that the projector is a frequent and regular feature of our activities programme.

Therapeutic Gardening

Andrew Cohen House has a beautiful secure garden that is well maintained by residents, volunteers and staff. The residents get the therapeutic benefits of gardening itself and of having a calm, outdoor space to experience.

Everyone likes a furry friend, so Andrew Cohen has regular visits from service dogs, ponies and any animal that's well trained! Interactions with animals can have therapeutic effects for people with dementia, and the staff love the animal visits too.

Hair and Beauty

Residents have access to a hairdresser once a week and a qualified nail technician also comes in and keeps the residents looking their best.

As well as the weekly Art Class, craft activities are brought into each lounge and designed to stimulate and entertain the residents, with particular attention given to those with restricted fine motor skills.


We have regular visits from musicians and all kinds of entertainers. Music is very important in caring for those with dementia and there is nothing better than seeing our residents singing along to the 'golden oldies'.

Oomph! – which stands for Our Organisation Makes People Happy! Oomph is a fun, chair-based exercise session for older people to maintain and improve physical mobility, alertness and social skills. Residents at Andrew Cohen House enjoy regular sessions led by a trained member of staff and the benefits include better co-ordination, fewer falls and less chance of broken bones.


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